2015 Summer Festival Draws Over 800 | Photos

After 134 years of hosting Summer Festivals, one would think they would start to lose their appeal… but for some reason, they continue to draw tons of people to sleepy Cabot, PA, year after year! On Sunday, we hosted around 800 residents, family members, staff and community members.

Rev. Barry Keurulainen gave an awesome sermon about Doxology (giving praise to God), and how we can express our own personal doxology in our daily lives. He also compared the Concordia of old to the organization we’ve become today, stressing how amidst our growth, we’ve never lost the spirit of this ministry. Last, he challenged the churches who are neighbors with a Concordia location to “put their thumbprint on” and adopt a facility – to make the bond between Concordia and the church stronger than ever.

Here are some pictures from the event (click the photo to enlarge). Feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know what you enjoyed! Then head over to the Concordia Facebook Page, so you can Like and Comment there too! Special thanks to everyone who attended, the staff who worked their tails off and the 80+ volunteers who donated time on a Sunday afternoon!

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