Angel Tear Ministries

Thank you to all those who have applied during on 2022-2023 Granting Cycle. Our application will open back up in Summer 2023 for next year’s granting cycle.

Motivated by Christ and His Gospel to help those in need, the Concordia Lutheran Ministries Foundation is pleased to invite you to submit an application for a grant from our Angel Ministries Fund. Concordia believes that we should direct our God-given blessings to support the work of Christians already proclaiming the Gospel and showing His love to those who need it.

Should you choose to apply for an Angel Tear Ministries Fund grant for the 2023 calendar year, please bear the following in mind in preparing your organization’s application:

  • Grants will only be extended to faith-based organizations. Preference will be given to those organizations requesting grant assistance for the following needs:
    • To improve access to quality medical resources;
    • Provide access to basic human needs including but not limited to food, potable water, clothing, shelter and assisted living resources;
    • Improve literacy, language skills and vocational skills;
    • Train church workers;
    • Meet the needs of the elderly; and
    • Provide for the health, education and general welfare of children, including orphans.
  • Concordia prefers to extend grant assistance to organizations that focus their proposals on programming over those that focus on capital improvements, administrative costs/salaries, or transportation.
  • Your project should encourage the individuals and/or community being served to do everything (however small) to help themselves. While all persons rely upon God for intervention and assistance, people being helped by Concordia-funded projects should also be advancing toward assuming greater (not less) responsibility for helping themselves.
  • The plan should be described as simply as appropriate and focus on “who, what, where, why and when.” The description of project objectives should make clear that the objectives are achievable within the defined timeframe and under the plan’s conditions.
  • Concordia’s goal is to provide “pump-priming” resources with the hope that after the initial investment, the project could continue to function and be sustained by local/other resources. To this end, please limit your grant application to no more than 50% of the project’s total anticipated costs. Concordia does not intend to either provide the full cost of a project or nurture a culture of over-reliance or entitlement on the part of the grantee, as there are no guarantees that previous grantees will receive funding in subsequent granting cycles.
  • The project proposal should include an explanation of how the success (or lack thereof) of the project will be evaluated and described. Mainly, prepare to answer the questions (1) “Did we do what we said we were going to do?” (2) “Did our work make a positive difference? (3) “How do we know?”

The deadline to submit your application is September 30, 2022. Thank you in advance for your work to better God’s Kingdom. For questions or concerns regarding this application or the Angel Tear Ministries Fund, please contact the Foundation Office at 724-352-1571, ext. 8363 or

Thank you to all those who have applied during on 2022-2023 Granting Cycle. Our application will open back up in Summer 2023 for next year’s granting cycle.